SINGLE REVIEW: Jess Day – Gravity 

With an organic vibrancy radiating through her music, Jess Day has captivated listeners with her breezy alt-pop. Layered with punchy hooks, her forthcoming body-of-work promises to be an infectious and reflective collection of intimate thoughts and singalong moments.

Her new single ‘Gravity’ is as euphoric as they come sonically and lyrically. Stepping away from the heartbreak and toxicity that has filtered through her songwriting in the past, this track captures the moment you fall in love. Faced with the insecurities of your past and worrying how your failures may repeat themselves, she decides to dive all the way in and not allow herself to get so stuck inside her own head this time. It’s easier said than done, but sometimes you do just need to trust yourself and go all in. “Cause I feel gravity. Pull at my feet. You take me higher than I’ve ever been” she gushes during the ethereal chorus. 

Complimenting the euphoric energy of the lyrics, the production has this groovy and playful pop energy that oozes so naturally. It feels like it was a song created to be performed at a festival with a sea of people singing along while basking in the sunshine. It sonically feels like the love child of Superorganism and Peking Duk with its direct approach. It’s a feel good song that will leave you smiling along infectiously for a long time.

Jess Day Australian Tour

Friday 20 May – The Vanguard, Sydney

Saturday 21 May – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane 

Friday 27 May – Northcote Social Club, Melbourne 

Saturday 28 May – Jive, Adelaide 

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