SINGLE REVIEW: Erin Foster – Lovely 

Erin Foster is an absolute pop dream waiting for you to discover her. The Gold Coast based newcomer has introduced herself with the dreamy pop stylings of ‘Birthday’, ‘Sometimes’, and ‘Friends’ which gave a CHVRCHES meets Hatchie styled aesthetic. But for her new single ‘Lovely’ she has doubled down on her pop foundations and delivered her most addictive release yet. 

‘Lovely’ is a playful pop track that immediately captivates you with its hyper-pop influenced production. Reminiscent of early MUKI and Mallrat, this slick track is a dose of pure serotonin. The verses have this dreamy approach with its airy production that then glides into this pulsating synth and beat led hook. The hook writing intertwined with the pop-tastic production is brilliant and will have you ready to dance the night away with its infectious energy. 

Detailing the intoxicating feeling of falling for someone, she explores not wanting to jinx the connection and trying to not over complicate it in her head and just enjoy the moment. “I think you’re lovely. Guess I got lucky. Too good to be real, so let’s not be real” she sings. 

‘Lovely’ is Erin Foster’s strongest release yet, and you genuinely won’t be able to get the infectious hook out of your head for hours.