SINGLE REVIEW: Dylan – No Romeo  

Rising star Dylan is ready to become your next pop obsession. The British singer-songwriter has rioted onto the scene with a string of honest, playful and vulnerably charged tracks. Following the release of her viral hit ‘You’re Not Harry Styles’, she is ready to give you another empowering moment.

‘No Romeo’ is a track for anyone who has been in an earth shattering break-up where they’ve questioned if there was anything they could’ve done to stop the inevitable from happening. But the reality is, there’s not. If they want to leave, they are going to leave. If they have fallen in love with someone else, then you can’t hold onto something that isn’t there. It’s a hard truth to learn, but it’s also an empowering sentiment to learn as you do hold the power to how you react. So this song captures that energy with realising that he’s never give you what you need, and you deserve better. “He’s no Romeo. He’s never gonna be enough for you. He’s never gonna treat you like he should. He’s always gonna bе the one to go” she sings during the infectiously penned hook. 

Sonically following in the footsteps of ‘Nineteen’, the synth lead banger has this pulsating energy that naturally shines through. Finding the right contrast between a dreamy airy-ness and a pulsating foot stomping attitude, this song is an instant smash hit waiting to be on replay with its scream worthy hook.