SINGLE REVIEW: Tate McRae – she’s all i wanna be

With her debut album slated for release later this year, Tate McRae wants to show listeners the many different sides of her artistry. Over the past couple of years she’s highlighted dark, pulsating, and dreamy tones intertwined with her soft and slightly raspy vocals that create this immediately soothing feeling. But now she’s ready to show angst. Collaborating with Grammy award winning producer Greg Kurstin, she’s served up her most pop directed moment yet with a nostalgic 2000’s inspired pop-rock anthem. 

‘she’s all i wanna be’ is a hit. There’s no denying it. The song is ridiculously catchy, angsty, and anthemic. She captures a euphoric catharsis which radiates through the bouncy hook, and will have you ready to run around in a mosh pitt while passionately screaming out every word. The energy is electric, and is reminiscent of early material from P!nk, and recent Oliva Rodrigo with its pulsating guitar riff and big drums. 

The coming-of-age track explores not feeling like you’re enough for the person you like, because you feel like they’re wait out of your league. The expectations of what they want you to be and what their “type” is feels heavy and unnatural to you, and you try to believe that they could actually like you for you. “If you say she’s nothing to worry about, then why’d you close your eyes when you said it out loud?” She honestly sings. 

It feels like a song that deserves to be placed in a movie like ‘Mean Girls’. It’s 2000’s pop appreciated and re-explored with a fresh perspective