SINGLE REVIEW: Peach PRC – God Is A Freak  

“God is a bit of a freak. Why’s he watching me getting railed on the couch, staying pure for a wedding? He’s got fucked up priorities” might just be my favourite lyrics from 2022 yet. And to be honest, I don’t know how anything else is going to beat that.  I mean, haven’t we all been railed on the couch at some point and thought about who may be spiritually watching us? Or just me?

Peach PRC has never been one to hold back from revealing her honest thoughts. After all, she’s made her whole career on being transparent with her fans, from her viral videos on TikTok, right through to her hyperpop inspired bangers. ‘God Is A Freak’ hears the Sydney based singer-songwriter continuing that trajectory with her most brutally honest track yet. It’s an anthem for anyone who has ever felt shamed, dirty, impure, wrong, unloved or unworthy because of beliefs upheld by the church. Recently coming out as queer, this song is also an anthem for her community as she reveals her shame over all of her thoughts and life experiences which are continually looked down upon by religion. “Listen I’m just confused with the work that he’s doing. And I mean this respectfully, God is a bit of a freak” she honestly sings. 

With a similar synth layered hyperpop production to her global smash hit ‘Josh’, she layers these vulnerable and humorous lyrics with a light and bouncy soundscape which is immediately in banger territory. Interpolating vocoder in the pre-chorus, she manages to give the song some standout light and shade moments which plays into the infectious nature of the chorus taking over your body in wanting to scream along with her. 

Peach PRC continually raises the bar with every track she releases, and ‘God Is A Freak’ is definitely on a whole new level.