SINGLE REVIEW: Joesef – It’s Been A Little Heavy Lately

Scottish rising star, Joesef, is ready to give listeners a different side of his artistry with one of his most experimentally charged releases yet. ‘It’s Been A Little Heavy Lately’ is a psychedelic leaning soul-pop track that intertwines instant funk vibes into your airwaves. 

Reflecting on the art of bad decisions, he acknowledges that when he’s down he has a tendency to look for comfort and affection from someone he shouldn’t. Giving into the advances from someone he’d previously been with who now has a new partner, he knows he shouldn’t, and he hopes they get caught, but he does it anyway as it is a temporary high. “You know I’ve been fucked up, crazy. It’s been a little heavy lately. But you’re the only one who could save me. I know that isn’t fair, I know that isn’t fair” he melodically sings. 

Immediately revealing the potent psych-pop soundscape behind this track, he soaks his signature beautiful vocals with these visually charged sonical whirls. With the dancefloor ready groove at the forefront, he taps the likes of Tame Impala and classic 70’s disco as influences, and gives a new perspective to his sound and vision. It’s a lush track that you will want to have on replay as you fall deeper in love with him.