Teasing fans with her theatrical forthcoming sophomore album ‘NOCTURNAL’, MOTHICA has promised an immersive body of work that dives even deeper into her personal battles. The lead single ‘CASUALTY’ welcomes listeners into that world of vulnerability through her most rock inspired soundscape yet. 

Reflecting on how she feels like so many things in her life were set up to destroy her like alcoholism and depression which runs in her family, she acknowledges that she didn’t want those things to be the reason that she gave up on life. So this song counteracts as an empowering control of her narrative as she stands up and says she won’t be another body count from these personal struggles. Finding herself now 2 years sober, there is a lot of power and strength behind these lyrics as she explores the low moments and celebrates the empowering stance of not giving in. “I won’t be a casualty, a product of my agony. Break my bloodline. Feel the pain and then kill it twice. I won’t be a casualty. No, I won’t go down like that” she powerfully sings. 

The bold track encapsulates all of the dark and heavy tones that rise through the lyrics and represents the strength she has found even in the darkest of times. Inspired by all of the music she grew up with and constantly finds herself listening to, she builds a soundscape that balances the darkness and empowering emotions poetically. It’s an anthem for anyone that battles their own inner-demons on a daily basis and needs to euphorically scream onto of their lungs that they won’t be a casualty.