SINGLE REVIEW: Cody Simpson – Nice To Meet You 

It’s been a little while in-between releases for Cody Simpson, but with a hectic schedule from his Olympic-level swimming career, it’s quite understandable. In November 2020 the Gold Coast raised singer-songwriter took eight days off from his very disciplined swimming schedule to record and co-produce his forthcoming album. Immersing himself in the organic sounds and heartfelt lyrics that fuel his raw passion, he’s ready to reintroduce himself to listeners. 

‘Nice To Meet You’ is the poignantly titled lead single from his forthcoming new album slated for release later this year. Layered in guitar chords, strings, a steady drum beat, and his raspy matured vocals, he takes you on this beachside reflection with a whole lot of sun-soaked energy. Sonically reminiscent of Harry Styles and John Mayer, the emotion is deeply rooted in this raw honesty. Gradually building up to a cathartic production release at the 3 minute mark, he’s created a very engaging and exciting listen. 

Complimenting the honest production style, he opens up about the end of a relationship that leaves you conflicted in how to feel. No matter the pain the other person has inflicted upon you, you can’t help but still have a soft spot for them and want to end it amicably. “I could cry but I’ll say nice to meet you” he sings before later reflecting; “Everything you wish you could erase. Memories you wish you could replace. You take all the blame but you would never take my place”. 

‘Nice To Meet You’ is a bold reintroduction to listeners for Cody Simpson. He pulls artistic inspiration from his 2019 and 2015 releases, but finds a maturity in the personal growth he’s had and in-turn brings that at an artistic level.