SINGLE REVIEW: Conan Gray – Jigsaw

Conan Gray’s trajectory is one that is genuinely exciting to watch unfold. His songwriting is continually getting stronger with every release, with his hooks becoming bolder and even more infectious. He’s also finding experimental elements within his artistry to elaborate on and give listeners exciting new perspectives. His new single ‘Jigsaw’ is one of those experimental efforts which hears him teaming up with Olivia Rodrigo’s producer Dan Nigro. 

The sonically polarising track is designed to have you immediately taken aback by the distinct contrast in production styles compared to what you’ve heard before from him. It begins soft and intimate with his gentle vocals drawing you in with his sincere vulnerability. As the song steers into the chorus, he introduces distortion with heavy drums and guitars to have this angsty emotional release which is really important for the raw sentiment of the song. There is a lot of energy that lays within the angsty production which is just as engaging as his signature synth pop energy he’s laid down previously. 

Lyrically the track is heartbreaking, honest and relatable. It’s about realising that elements of yourself you change to try make someone like you, when in reality you shouldn’t have to change anything if they are truly the one. “If changing my clothes would make you like me more. If changing my hair would make you care. Then I’d grab the kitchen scissors and cut myself to slivers, for you” he sings before further admitting “I’ve changed every part of me until the puzzle piece sits on me, at all. I’ve looked in the mirror, now I’m just a jigsaw”. There’s a power and confidence within acknowledging this trait and seeing that he’s changed himself when he shouldn’t have had too. Hopefully it’s a song that will hit close to anyone who finds themselves in a toxic relationship or situation where they are altering parts of them to try feel loved.