SINGLE REVIEW: Griff & Sigrid – Head On Fire 

Griff and Sigrid are two of UK and Europe’s most promising rising stars, so it only seems appropriate that they’ve teamed up for one of the biggest songs of the year to-date. ‘Head On Fire’ is a track that has “hit” written all over it. Returning to the alt-pop sound that echoed through 2018, there is a freshness to it because it steps away from the disco-pop and pop-rock trends that everyone seems to be currently following. 

There is a Paloma Faith meets HAIM feel to the mix that will immediately get you excited. Contrasting moody keys with a steady drum beat and groovy guitar riff, the song builds into this gradual slinky release of emotions. Holding onto a euphoric tone, the production is playful without straying too far away from the sonical roots. 

Letting go of someone you love is really hard, and even though you can try everything in your power to forget them, you will continually find yourself picturing them in places you want them to be. Griff and Sigrid explore that infatuation really beautifully while making that pain something to celebrate as it means you truly love and care about them. “I’m trying to find you in a crowd again. You were there then you were gone. Now I’m tracing all my steps to you” they sing before proclaiming “Oh, I think I’m losing my mind, over here, over you, every night. Both hands holding on to the wire”.

‘Head On Fire’ is a hit and there’s no denying that.