SINGLE REVIEW: Christina Castle – FFFree 

Christina Castle is an artist who is ready to introduce who she really is to the world. Her journey has been unravelling since 2011 where she appeared on The X Factor Australia (FKA Christina Parie) and was consequently signed by Warner Music at age 15 before touring with Simple Plan. But that was only the beginning because from there she has taken the time to really get to know who she is as an artist and a young woman. From appearing on The Four in 2018 to experimenting with her sound, the Sydney based singer-songwriter has returned to her pop-rock roots with the liberating ‘FFFree’.

This track feels like a total reset. It represents the moment of clarity after processing the highs and lows she has already experienced in the industry. The pop-rock production is super tight and crisp, and has this electrifying angsty energy that pulsates throughout the entire 2 and a half minute duration. Reminiscent of early Avril Lavigne with the contrast of pop and rock elements, she has honed this sound that brings elements of recent Machine Gun Kelly with live drums into this pop directed hook.

Capturing a euphoric release of emotions, the song reflects on the idea of freedom. It’s all about letting go and finding the power to be at peace with whatever is happening in your life. “Spending time with myself again lately. Doing what I like, and I finally feel free” she exclaims. She compliments that sentiment perfectly with the freeing pop-rock production and the euphoric yelling of the word “free” in the chorus which you know will become a special moment in her future live shows.