Sometimes we don’t realise how much someone really means to us until they are out of the picture. Breakup’s are always going to be tough, and there is always a lot of personal reflection involved in the healing process, but what are you meant to do when you realise that you weren’t the best version of yourself in the relationship and didn’t put your best foot forward? Rising American singer-songwriter John K captures the honest emotions of missing someone on their poignantly titled single ‘A Lot’. 

Finding himself watching his ex move on, he realises how much he misses them and all of the mistakes he made in the lead up to their breakup. “Wish I knew that the last time was the last time. Didn’t know what I was missing til it passed by. And now we don’t speak cause you never saw me in the best light” he admits in the opening moments of the song before later proclaiming “I think about you a lot. Wish I could undo a lot”. There’s a lot of brutal and direct honesty embedded within the lyrics, and it’s because of this style of storytelling that makes the song so memorable. 

The candid track is complimented by a minimalistic pop production. Led by a guitar and simple pop meets RNB beat, the song lays in a similar sonical lane to the likes of Khalid and LAUV. Intertwined with the honest lyrical delivery, there is a directness that is instantly catchy with the hook undoubtedly going to get stuck in your head straight away. This may just become a big moment in John K’s musical journey.