SINGLE REVIEW: Avril Lavigne feat. Blackbear – Love It When You Hate Me 

Avril Lavigne has returned to music with a genuine fire lit underneath her to prove that she can still make you jump and scream in a mosh pit. Her seventh studio album ‘Love Sux’ is slated for a February 25 release, and hears her returning to her punk-pop roots to celebrate the 20 year journey we have been on with her to-date 

Following in the footsteps of lead single ‘Bite Me’, her followup track ‘Love It When You Hate Me’ is an angsty and high energy anthem that feels like it could have been easily found on her third studio album ‘The Best Damn Thing’. Sonically reminiscent of ‘I Don’t Have To Try’, there is a gritty energy that pulsates through the punk-pop attitude and will have you immediately wanting to scream out every damn lyric. 

Creating a distinct contrast in production styles with ‘Bite Me’, this song has a slight modern twist through collaborating with Blackbear. With his hip-hop influenced vocal delivery gliding through the second verse, he brings a different perspective to the track and gives the song different levels for Avril to play off. 

Lyrically reflecting on the very real intoxication of a toxic relationship, she details they way she secretly loves being hurt by someone, and how that excites her more than them actually being nice to her. “And I Ignore all the warning signs. Fall for you every time” she admits before proclaiming “Don’t call me baby. I love it when you hate me”. 

It’s an immediate anthem that will have you ready to be in a mosh pit soon singing out all of your favourite Avril Lavigne tracks including all of these new bangers.