ALBUM WRAP UPS: FKA Twigs, Fickle Friends & The Wombats 


It’s been three years in between projects for FKA Twigs, and as the British singer-songwriter steers into 2022 she has dropped a 17 track mixtape for your listening pleasure. This collaborative affair is all about experimentation and the search for confidence. Deeply rooted in the present, this collection of songs represents her artistry at this point in her career as well as the growth she’s had in her personal life. 

Working with a highly acclaimed list of collaborators, there is a distinct shift in mood throughout the duration with synth lead bangers, seductively charged moments, and emotive reflections. Opening track ‘Ride The Dragon’ sets the experimental tone before she dives into tracks like ‘meta angel’, ’jealousy’ and ‘darjeeling’ which all bring a unique perspective to the listening experience. ‘oh my love’ is the immediate clear standout with its empowering outro that reinforces the self-assured sentiment of the song. And do we even need to sell you how sexy the production is? 

This album isn’t necessarily a cohesive body of work. Instead it is a lengthy exploration of the artist she is now and showcases all the growth and reclamation of confidence that has brought her there. 

Must Listen Tracks: ‘oh my love’, ‘tears in the club’, ‘jealousy’

Fickle Friends – Are We Gonna Be Alright?

I don’t think we need to re-iterate how weird, confusing and dark the last 2 years has been. So much has changed that has left us feeling a little lost and subject to serious whiplash, and Fickle Friends have perfectly captured those thoughts on their punchy sophomore record. ‘Are We Gonna Be Alright?’ hears the British four piece capturing the emotions of the past couple of years and turn them into high octane celebratory anthems. 

Keeping the energy at a consistent high, they float between alt-pop and pop-rock to give you a blend of summer soaked tones and punchy sonics. ‘Not Okay’ immediately becomes the album’s shining star with its dark and pulsating production that you know will be electrifying in their live show. The nostalgic ‘Write Me A Song’, glittery ‘Glow’, anthemic Pretty Great’, riotous ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah’ and the playful commentary of ‘IRL’ follow suit in creating memorable singalong moments. 

Lyrically they provide a bright and playful contrast to some of the more vulnerable leaning topics that can be found on the record. Natti then gives each track her signature pop vocal shimmer that elevates the tracks into mosh pit and festival ready territory. 

Must Listen tracks: ‘Not Okay’, ‘Write Me A Song’, ‘Glow’

The Wombats – Fix Yourself, Not The World 

‘Fix Yourself Not The World’ is not only a great album title but it’s also a really important piece of advice that I think we all need to remember right now. The Wombats have captured their self-reflective dialogue from the last two years and injected it into their bright, punchy and visually charged fifth studio album. 

The British indie-rock trio have created a record that experiments at the foundations of everything they’ve ever done before. Actively pushing their sonic to not continually head down the same path, they have delivered a genuinely exciting concept record that still captures the high energy of their discography. There is a really animated tone to tracks like ‘Flip Me Upside Down’, ‘This Car Drives All By Itself’, and ‘Don’t Poke The Bear’ which steer the record to feel like an immersively bright body of work. It draws the listener in with its bouncy and festival ready hooks before punching you with strong and heavily reflective lyrics. There is a lot of heart present and it therefore feels ultimately relatable. 

Must Listen Tracks: ‘This Car Drives All By Itself’, ‘Don’t Poke The Bear’, ‘If You Ever Leave, I’m Coming With You’