SINGLE REVIEW: Aluna, Diplo & Durante – Forget About Me 

It’s very much still summertime in Australia, and Aluna just dropped what could be the late summer anthem we didn’t know we needed. ‘Forget About Me’ hears the British singer-songwriter teaming up with Diplo and Durante for 3 minutes of bright and bouncy dance-pop. Layered with disco attributes, this song feels like the sun-soaked sister of her 2016 hit ‘I’m In Control’. Beginning minimally, the song gradually builds with added beats and steady rhythmic production that drives this pulsating energy. There is this positive and confident feeling that naturally radiates throughout the song’s duration and will have you ready to immediately hit the dancefloor wherever you may be. 

Embracing the confident energy behind the production, she lyrically translates that into a self-love and self-respect sentiment. Thematically set in a post-breakup state of mind, Aluna addresses the inner strength and confidence she found during her darkness that she’s then turned into light. With her past trying to re-enter her life now that she’s found the light, she poignantly asks them to forget about her and move on so she continue being happy. “I can’t help it if I’m on your mind, on your mind. And all of the ways I’m leaving you behind, you behind” she sings before proclaiming “Forget about me, cause we ain’t matchin’ signs”. 

‘Forget About Me’ is a straight up banger. From the very first listen you will be ready to press replay and keep the summer vibes flowing for a little bit longer. And if you’re overseas and currently in a different season, then you will be eagerly anticipating the moment you can break this track out in the summer.