SINGLE REVIEW: Ylona Garcia – Entertain Me

It’s officially 2022 and the positive vibes are already flowing through some absolute bangers that will keep you entertained during needed isolations and the constant confusing changes. One of those new songs is Ylona Garcia’s intoxicating pop monster, ‘Entertain Me’, which upon a first listen will leave you OBSESSED. 

The Australian-Filipino singer-songwriter is stepping into the commercial spotlight following huge success in the Phillipines after competing on Pinoy Big Brother: 737 in 2015. Last year she released ‘Don’t Go Changing’ and ‘All That’ which cemented a new beginning for her in her musical journey, and ‘Entertain Me’ follows in their bold footsteps. This track can be confidently found somewhere between Aluna and Dua Lipa. Produced by Australian hitmakers DNA, the song finds the perfect contrast between light and darkness with pulsating synths driving the addictive baseline. Beginning dark and mysterious, her soulful pop vocals take centre-stage until the confident and sassy energy of the chorus is unleashed.

“I’ve always had good intuition, and I can see red flags in your eyes. So you can keep on talking baby, all that you want, cause you’re my only entertainment tonight” may just be one of the strongest opening verses I’ve heard recently in a pop song. Immediately raising the bar with ongoing strong lyricism, she playfully explores knowing someone isn’t a permanent fixture in her life, and just using them for a fun time right now. Most of us have been guilty of this at one point or another, and sometimes you just need to embrace it. When you know you’re done with someone, and it’s over, then it’s over. But if they’ve hurt you, then it you can always have a little bit of fun before you go.

‘Entertain Me’ is a genuine hit, and sooner or later you will be humming along to this synth-tastic banger.