Royal & The Serpent is rioting into the new year with an angsty and relatable new single taken from her forthcoming EP ‘IF I DIED WOULD ANYONE CARE’ which will be released on January 28. ‘PHUCKBOI REJECTS’ is THE song you wish you could play to every single one of your exes, just so you can let them know that they aren’t special. You have a type, it’s a toxic type, but you’re aware of that and that’s all that matters. 

The lyricism is full of humour in the way that she acknowledges how her type is narcissistic guys who are toxic and un-ironically shop at Hot Topic. She lays it all out on the table and doesn’t hold back from serving you multiple gold lines that sees her circling back to this constant cycle of bad dating by declaring; “Fuckboys, stand up. I’m ready for another onе”. But there are genuinely so many great lyrical moments, so here are some of my faves;

– “Thinking with his dick. Every single dude I’m with is such a narcissist. Why am I so into this?”

– “Different versions of my еx”

– “Call him daddy, but he’s a pussy”

– “Not a vegan, but he could be”

Continuing the angsty pop-punk production of her recent singles ‘GO PHUCK URSELF’, ‘phuck u’, and the dreamy rock state of ‘IM NOT SORRY’, she keeps the energy high. Instantly imagining yourself in a mosh pit screaming out the lyrics, there is an immediate serotonin released. It’s a total riot. And at just 2 minutes long, you will have the song on continuous replay because you won’t want it to end.