SINGLE REVIEW: Toby Hobart – Goodbye

Toby Hobart is truly solidifying himself as one of the most exciting pop newcomers in Australia right now. Following the recent release of the breezy ‘i think i’m in love with u’ along with his electrifying debut live shows, the Brisbane based singer-songwriter is ready to cement his heartbreaker status even further. 

‘Goodbye’ steers his alt-pop sonic into a punk influenced soundscape that naturally falls somewhere in between Jeremy Zucker and Machine Gun Kelly. Led by a pulsating guitar and drum beat, the production is built up with this raw energy that feels like the mature next step to a song like ‘i think i’m in love with u’. It’s got an anthemic edge that shows a growth in his artistry in contrast to the lighter inclined material that has to-date filled up his discography. 

Capturing the intimate moments of falling out of love with someone, there is a lot of honest reflection that follows. We are so quick to focus on the negatives that led us to the definitive reasons to walk away from the relationship, that sometimes it’s really important to celebrate the positives. After all, that relationship happened because there were good things that brought the two of you together. So Toby intuitively highlights the positive moments as he makes the decision to walk away. “We weren’t a waste of time. Save all the dancing nights. We weren’t afraid of trying. If only we had a minute to say goodbye” he honestly sings during the anthemic chorus. 

There is a distinctive contrast between the emotional lyrics and the upbeat punk driven pop production that will have you instantly ready to sing along in the middle of a mosh pit. And hopefully you will be able to experience that moment for yourself soon as he begins to play shows and connect with listeners face-to-face for the first time.