SINGLE REVIEW: Sinead Burgess – New Years Day

New Years Day is just that, a day. We romanticise this ideology that so much can change within a day, and that January 1st will bring so much strength and power within our lives. But the truth is, it’s just a day and it’s up to yourself to work on getting better and to make change happen in your life. Sadly the cosmos don’t play puppeteer’s that intensely, and Sinead Burgess has captured the raw emotion of that realisation through her beautiful new single. 

‘New Years Day’ is the first offering from the Australian singer-songwriter’s forthcoming project, and hears her continuing the country soundscape of her previous EP ‘Damaged Goods’ and her 2019 single ‘Reno’. With soft piano and acoustic guitar mixed together with atmospheric production, she creates this introspective moment of raw emotion that also acts as a euphoric sense of clarity. It’s heavy and emotional, but also feels like it’s cemented in so much certainty. 

Reflecting on a relationship that left her scarred and stuck in this loop of helplessness, she kept picturing them getting back together and having this romance that never dies. Continually romanticising the idea that this was going to happen was not a healthy cycle to be stuck in and with New Years Day approaching came this reassured hopeful mentality. But then New Years Day came and nothing changed in the situation as her ex had still moved on.“But darling its new years day, not a single damn thing’s changed. I’m still messed up. Still thinking of us. Hoping you change your mind someday” she sings. But the one thing that did change was clarity as she finally saw the end, and that she had to finally move on. But she acknowledges that it’s a process and she’s working on getting there. 

The beautiful and somber track is reminiscent of classic Taylor Swift with a slight pop angle in her songwriting infused with her country sonical roots. From the very first listen you’ll be immediately captivated by her emotionally charged vocals contrasted with the vivid storytelling. It’s genuinely one of her best releases yet, and you’ll find yourself having it on loop as we enter the New Years period.