SINGLE REVIEW: Sadie Jean – WYD Now?

We may be in the final weeks of 2021, but Sadie Jean has just emerged as a late contender of THE breakthrough artist you NEED to get to know. She will no doubt be a name you’ll hear quite frequently throughout 2022 as she introduces herself to the world and unravels her reflective artistry. Her debut single ‘WYD Now?’ is an impressive first taste of what’s to come with its confessional lyrics that will immediately hit you right in the soul.

Reflecting on the art of letting go and holding on, the Los Angeles raised and New York based singer-songwriter explores seeing someone wherever you go and imagining what your life could be if you were still together. She captures young love and the promises we make before we truly realise what life is actually like. But she also questions if the expiration period between is actually  over, or whether a second chance is possible. “I don’t wanna be twenty something and still in my head about 17 in my bedroom talking. You said that by now we’d paint the walls of our shared apartment. You’re still everything I want and, I think we could work it out. So what are you doing now ?” she honestly sings.

Complimenting the vulnerable lyrical reflections, the production is very minimalist and tender with just soft piano and guitar chords intertwined with dreamy pop production leading the way. Reminiscent of Gracie Abrams and Sasha Sloan, the songs honesty and raw vulnerability is very prominent and will truly leave you in awe. 

The fact that this is Sadie Jean’s debut single is crazy. She is going to be a star and is going to soundtrack so many people’s coming of age moments over the next few years.