SINGLE REVIEW: Ruel – Growing Up Is _____

Growing up is weird. It’s a lot of mixed emotions that range from pure euphoria, to devastating heartbreak, to heavy confusion. But ultimately it’s a coming of age experience that we all must go through to embrace who we are. Capturing all of those emotions in a pulsating near-4 minute slice of pop perfection, Ruel bursts back into your airwaves with one of his most definitive tracks yet. 

‘Growing Up Is _____’ is a track that pushes Ruel’s sound into the pop realm further than he’s ever gone before. Experimenting with this pulsating pocket of production that is naturally euphoric and uplifting, he’s created an anthem that feels unstoppable. There’s a natural lightness that shines through over lyrics that could be quite heavy to some as they reflect on their own journey.

Celebrating all of the confusing and introspective thoughts we are faced with in our coming of age moments, the Australian singer-songwriter doesn’t hold back from sharing his past few years with his listeners. Encouraging them to name the last word of the song’s title themselves with the way they reflect on their own journey, this song feels super personal. It’s all about connection, and realising that we aren’t alone in the darkness that lingers in our self discovery era. “Growing up is weird, sleep with friends, break a heart. Question everything you thought, Split a pill, smoke a dart. Growing up is weird, fall in love for a year. And then I disappear, wish that you were here” he honestly sings. 

This is truly Ruel’s defining pop moment. It’s a song that is not only universally relatable, but it’s also infectiously addictive. Prepare to have this on repeat over summer.