SINGLE REVIEW: Alisa Xayalith – High Fidelity  

Last year Alisa Xayalith expanded from The Naked And Famous to start experimenting with her own solo side-project. Collaborating with artists like Peking Duo, ATTLAS, Boy Willows and Space Above, she was able to start honing the sound and vision she was drawn to without being stuck within the soundscape of The Naked And Famous. 

Finding her feet within a dreamy soundscape, the New Zealand born and Los Angeles based singer-songwriter has dropped her first official solo single that boldly re-introduces her. ‘High Fidelity’ is a lush alt-pop song that leaves you feeling giddy and ready to walk down the street lip synching to the lyrics like she does in the accompanying music video. 

Driven by a simple guitar riff the song builds with added dreamy-pop instrumentation that lifts the song into this naturally pulsating rhythm. Reflecting on the pure attraction and addiction of love, she gives you some ultimately sweet and relatable lyrics like; “I keep hanging on like a love song” and “And you know me so well I feel I never have before. But there’s something in the way you leave me always wanting more”. It’s all very loved up and sweet, and it’s ultimately a great first taste of what’s to come.