SINGLE REVIEW: Kim Petras – Coconuts 

Does anyone else miss the playful chaos of pop music in the early 2000’s? No innuendos ever seemed to be off the cards, and artists seemed to revel in being a bit slapstick with their lyricism while a big pulsating pop beat drove the euphoria. We don’t see a lot of that happening in 2021, but Kim Petras has decided to take us back with her ridiculously catchy new single ‘Coconuts’. 

Shockingly ‘Coconuts’ isn’t actually about coconuts. It’s like Lady Gaga’s “disco stick” in ‘Lovegame’ all over again. And upon the first 10 seconds I think you will figure that out on your own with her playful homage to her twinset. “My coconuts, you can put ’em in your mouth. My coconuts, watch ’em bounce up and down” she cheekily sings. The song doesn’t take itself too seriously, and that’s what is so euphoric about it. It’s a masterclass in pop escapism, and you will find yourself quickly getting wrapped up in the silliness of it all. “So juicy and so ripe, you wouldn’t believe. I give ’em different names, Mary-Kate and Ashley. They ask me what’s my size, just give ’em a squeeze”. 

Sonically ‘Coconuts’ feels like on the same pop trajectory to her 2020 single ‘Malibu’, and I hope she continues to explore that bubblegum pop avenue as it’s something that is really missed in pop music right now. After the tumultuous 2 years we’ve all had, it’s about time that we have a bit of fun and get silly again.