SINGLE REVIEW: Clinton Kane – Go To Hell 

Break-up’s are always hard, there’s no denying it. But break-up’s where you have been cheated on are a whole other type of pain. There’s a lot of self-deprecating thoughts that unravel in those moments that make you question why you aren’t good enough, and why your love wasn’t enough to keep them from going astray. I’ve been there, and the black hole of thoughts can be quite suffocating. But there is also an anger that stems from the situation, and once you break through to that stage it’s the beginning of reconciliation within yourself. 

Clinton Kane has captured that angsty moment in his punchy new single ‘Go To Hell’, and it’s one that feels particularly cathartic. Opening with a simple guitar riff and his angelic and vulnerably charged vocals, he paints this vivid image of pain and despair in the waking moments of losing the one you love. “Wakin’ up in the morning’s hard. I miss you even though it don’t make sense. It’s hurting in my chest to breathe when all I see are stories of our love” he sings. 

But as he steers towards the punchy chorus, he adds electric guitar and drums along with a feisty anger in his vocal tone that transforms the song entirely. “Did you love somebody else? Did you care when you just tore my heart to shreds in someone’s bed? Why don’t you take him and go to hell” he painfully and euphorically unleashes. 

There’s a real catharsis to this song as he vulnerably confronts his pain and allows himself to grieve and feel the ups and downs of emotions that comes with being cheated on. It’s also just a sure-fire banger too.