SINGLE REVIEW: Dylan – You’re Not Harry Styles

Have you ever dated someone who thought they were better than you? Like, they walked around thinking they were god’s gift to everyone who crossed paths with them? Well if your answer is yes then Dylan has dropped a song for you to directly let them know that they aren’t Harry Styles and need to re-check their ego. 

‘You’re Not Harry Styles’ is a playful pop song that will give you the confident and sassy energy to kickstart your morning every day. The British singer-songwriter has crafted this humorous and honest track that takes control of the narrative and stops them from continuing to manipulate the situation. It’s a reclamation of power that is much needed as she realises that maybe she deserves better and not the other way round. “You think you can do better. Must of hit your head too hard when you fell from heaven, cause you’re not quite Harry Styles. Running around with your God complex. Do you picture yourself while we’re having sex together?” she sings during the energetic hook. 

Layered with guitars, drums and pop synths, the production compliments the playful and upbeat energy with an atmosphere that will have you ready to jump around and scream “you’re not quite Harry Styles” into someone’s face.

As someone who has dated someone who thought they were better than me and everyone else around them, I really appreciate the not so subtle “fuck you” energy this song embodies. It’s a song that will be stuck in your head after the very first listen, and one you’ll want to add to every playlist possible.