SINGLE REVIEW: Ivy Adara – Want What I Can’t Have

Ivy Adara is re-introducing herself to listeners after having a moment of introspection into the artist and woman she wants to be. Following the release of her debut EP ‘Intraduction’ in 2018, the now Los Angeles based singer-songwriter has a new perspective on the world. Recent singles ‘Pressure’, ‘Stranger’ and ‘Apartment No. 2’ have opened the doors to this darker and more defined sonic she’s inserting herself within, and now ‘Want What I Can’t Have’ continues that evolution with one of her boldest tracks yet. 

I think we’ve all fallen into the scenario of wanting something that you can’t have because at the end of the day it’s human nature to be tempted. Exploring the original temptation of Adam & Eve, she’s unravelled a storyline of wanting someone who is already in a relationship. Pushing the boundaries of how far she can insert herself into that situation, she sees herself crossing some blurred lines and finding herself heartbroken in the aftermath. “I always want what I can’t have. I know it’s wrong but I’m like that. Gave me your heart took it right back. I always want what I can’t…” she sings. 

Laying in a minimalist but direct soundscape, she leads the way with a simple guitar riff overlayed by a dark and pulsating pop beat. There is this addictive element that oozes through the dark and mysterious tone which will have you immediately ready to press replay. 

With this single coming at the same time as the release of Jennifer Lopez’s ‘On My Way (Marry Me) which she co-wrote, she’s really highlighting her maturity and growth in a diverse and defining way.