SINGLE REVIEW: Claire Rosinkranz – don’t miss me 

If you’re not familiar with the name Claire Rosinkranz then it’s about time to get acquainted. The Californian based singer-songwriter comes from a family with a huge musical history, and in the past two years she’s already added to their legacy with an impressive growing discography of coming-of-age reflections.

Her debut EP ‘BeVerly Hills BoYfRiEnd’ and follow up collection ‘6 Of A Billion’ has boldly inserted this lo-fi pop soundscape that hears the 17 year old reflect on her honest and unfiltered thoughts. As she prepares to close the chapter on 2021, she’s dropped what may just be her boldest and most memorable single yet. 

‘don’t miss me’ is a song that oozes this distinct charm and wit over a production that is reminiscent of BENEE’s recent releases. Opening with a live piano, she sings “check one, check two” into the microphone before saying “I’m going to start singing, right now” as she glides into the first verse. It’s a simple production quirk that immediately wins you over and sets the playful tone that is inserted throughout the duration. Adding a lo-fi pop beat, and call and response styled backing vocals, there is a unique groove that makes this song feel naturally addictive. 

Layered behind the playful wit of the production and delivery is a deeper reflection on the way she struggles to open up to people out of fear of getting hurt. “I hate the mushy shit. I tell it how it is. I wish that I was kidding, but I’m not good at listening, so I don’t want someone missing me” she honestly sings. It’s a very relatable sentiment that is echoed over a playful delivery that compliments that dismissive energy as she uses it to slightly distract you from the vulnerability behind the song.