SINGLE REVIEW: Love, Marco – i made it

It’s been a little while in-between chapters for Love, Marco, and while a lot has changed, the music is still as euphoric and liberating as ever. In the year since his debut EP ‘Motion Sickness’, the Brisbane based singer-songwriter has officially rebranded his artist name and found himself in an introspective zone of figuring out who he wants to be as an artist and as a young adult. Going through the stages of love and heartbreak and asserting his confidence in how he shares these thoughts and emotions, his music has become very representative of this shift. 

Opening this new chapter with ‘i made it’, he’s created a euphoric form of escapism that represents the freeing feeling he gets when he hops in his car and heads out onto an open road. It’s the idea that anything is possible and that he can decide where he goes now that he’s entered his adulthood. It’s almost a milestone moments to feel that freedom and be able to not look back and actually see a future where you can be whoever you want to be and do whatever you want to do. “Driving 85 to anywhere, I’m out, yeah, I made it. Passing any sign but I don’t care, I’m out, yeah, I made it” he sings during the euphoric hook. 

Cemented in a indie-pop sonic, the production feels like the perfect soundtrack to a late night roadtrip. Reminiscent of Alec Benjamin, Conan Gray and Jeremy Zucker, the lo-fi indie pop vibes are not only calming but it’s also got an empowering undertone. It captures that pulsating rush of freedom driving gives you, and has this radiating energy that makes the hook so smooth and memorable.