SINGLE REVIEW: FLETCHER feat. Hayley Kiyoko – Cherry 

Through her recent releases FLETCHER has really embraced her queerness and is giving a whole new generation the representation they deserve in mainstream media. Following the release of ‘girls girls girls’ which paid homage to Katy Perry’s ‘I Kissed A Girl’ which was an important and defining moment in her own queer journey, she’s opened up about the range of highs and lows that have occurred for her through these coming of age times. 

New single ‘Cherry’ featuring fellow trailblazer Hayley Kiyoko is an exploration of the lust and sexually charged moments we all experience in life. There isn’t much hiding to what this innuendo means, and she really makes sure she gets straight-to-the point as she sings “Cherry. Hello, nice to meet you, my name’s Cari. We should rendez-vous sometime mon chéri. I want you on top of me like cherry” during the infectious hook. It’s all about being so into someone that you can’t stop imagining them on top of you and pulling them closer so you can hear every breath they make. 

The addictive track is one you’ll have on repeat for hours. With its natural confidence oozing through the production and vocal delivery, you’ll immediately feel that rush of adrenaline we all know too well from se, and will have you completely owning that sassy and confident attitude. The gritty guitar riff takes complete charge of that attitude and steers you into the pulsating and banging territory of the anthemic hook. It’s an absolute home-run for FLETCHER, and one of her catchiest releases yet.