SINGLE REVIEW: Clinton John – Embarrassing  

Have you ever felt like you were an embarrassment to someone you dated. Like the idea they had been with you in their past was beneath them, and you were someone they wish they never knew? I mean, I’ve been there, and so has Clinton John, and they’ve written a little anthem for everyone who can relate too.

‘Embarrassing’ is a song that is all about acknowledging the mistakes you’ve made in your past, and realising that growth comes with time and sometimes we just need to experience life to be able to get to where we need to go. But to feel like you’re not allowed to make mistakes in a relationship and have all the blame put on you is not okay, and the Nashville based singer-songwriter has embodied that perfectly within this honest and confident track. “Maybe we’d work if I’d have grown up. Knew I was dumb you said it enough. Blame it on just being a kid, doesn’t excuse the things that I did. But when you think of me, is it embarrassing?” he authentically sings. 

Contrasting the confident introspective growth he’s had, the song’s production has this dominative  pulsating energy driven through the chorus’ epic synth. It’s a song that doesn’t try too hard to be anthemic, and instead just becomes that vibe due to its honest lyrics and subtle production quirks. Cohesively tying together his debut EP of the same name with previous singles ‘Fresh’, ‘Cool b4 I Met You’ and ‘Cry’, he’s beautifully articulated his queer experience and created something that will hopefully resonate with a young queer person that needs new music to soundtrack their coming of age experience.