Alice Glass is a prominent and trailblazing musician who has asserted a very distinct brand into her artistry throughout the release of only an EP and a string of singles to-date. The former Crystal Castles frontwoman has been on a journey of artistic and personal self discovery which has not only formed a really bold discography but also created a powerhouse fanbase. Her debut album ‘PREY//IV’ will finally be released on January 28, and sees her unveiling her fully envisioned and multi-textured electronic soundscape.

Her new single ‘BABY TEETH’ is an experimentally charged track that pushes the explorative context and delivers one of her most pop centred productions yet. The pulsating synths immediately transports you into this hyper-pop meets underground electronic space. The verses have this controlled dreaminess with her vocal delivery that is soft and haunting before the energy switches with the confident hook. Layering a distinct contrast between the dark lyrical unravelling, she euphorically hones a song you can dance to when you are sad which she’s admitted is her ultimate goal in making music. 

Reflecting on embracing the despair in our lives, this song is one of her darkest reflections yet, but on the outside it seems so bright and unseemingly anything but a bouncy anthem. “Whatcha thinking bout boy? Are you picturing my insides outside of me?” she sings during the song’s dark opening moments as she questions someones toxic intentions for her. Beating them to the punchline, she wants to let them know that she can hurt herself without the help of them anyways. “I’m getting used to it, rip my womb outside of me. I’m as pure, I’m as pure as gasoline, I don’t need you, I don’t need you. Cut myself to prove, I don’t need you anyway”. 

It’s a very dark and captivating exploration of those themes, and she’s layered it so brilliantly with this bouncy and punchy production that immediately draws you in.