SINGLE REVIEW: Isabella Manfredi – One Hit Wonder 

Stepping into the spotlight as a solo artist, Isabella Manfredi is introducing herself to the world through a new artistic lens. Departing The Preatures earlier this year, the Sydney based singer-songwriter has re-envisioned the sound and messaging she wants her music to embody. Immediately captivating listeners with lead single ‘Jealousy’, she laid down the foundations and confidently opened a new chapter. 

With her forthcoming debut solo album slated for a 2022 release, she’s strutted into the playful follow-up single ‘One Hit Wonder’. Serving a bit of a classic The Preatures punch in the hook, the organic pulsating energy is quite dominative and transports you into a crowd of sweaty people singing the call and response refrain back to her. With a groovy guitar riff and an upbeat piano riff leading the songs production along with a steady drumbeat, this song genuinely has such a radiating and positive summer’s energy to it. 

With a tongue-n-cheek energy pulsating through the production, she lyrically reflects on cutting your ties with someone without looking at everything in a negative light. Being able to embrace the positive memories and the heights you reached together, she was able to acknowledge that it was truly a wondrous at the time, but now it’s over and that’s okay. “Cause off the record I’m losing my shit. Off the record I’m done with it” she sings as she realises she don’t before questioning “Maybe baby we were just a one, hit, wonder”.

She explains that this introspection was done in the moments leading up to the disbandment of The Preatures with realising that her heart was now out of it, but being okay with everything they achieved together. And it does feel so nostalgic but more like a beautiful tribute to something that was so dazzling. It’s such an infectious track that breathes a lot of light that will have you ready to dance and sing along with her.