SINGLE REVIEW: G Flip feat. UPSAHL – Scream 

Some collaborations simply don’t work. And on the other hand some are super magical and cohesively intertwine so smoothly. Luckily G Flip and UPSAHL’s new collaboration ‘Scream’ falls into the latter, and you will be SCREAMING with joy from this very horny and addictive song. 

The track is all about the intimate and electric energy you feel with someone that makes you want to have their body interconnected with yours and have you screaming all night through the bedroom walls. And they didn’t hold back from visually describing the passion behind the song. “I’m in love with your body. Keep giving it to me. We’ll scream all through the night” they sing before getting even more visual with their declarations through the bridge; “I want to put my hands all over your waist. I want to feel your pants runnin’ through my hand. I want it now babe, just a little taste. Let me take you there”

Sonically the slow building track taps into the smooth and sexually charged energy of the song with  the electric guitar led production really setting that sultry mood. As they reach the bridge G unleashes a drum solo which feels like the song’s climax and really takes the listener into the middle of the passion. It’s VERY steamy! And then you add on-top the seamless way these two individual powerhouse’s vocals naturally come together to deliver such a memorable moment. 

So basically G Flip and UPSAHL may just be our newfound dream collaboration. Would we mad if they created a whole angsty EP together? No. Would we very much like to hear more from them? Yes. And would we die over co-headlining Australian tour? Yes. Let’s manifest that, yeah?