SINGLE REVIEW: Beyonce – Be Alive 

It’s always a really good day when Beyonce drops a new song. And it’s been a long time in-between good days because the last time she dropped a new song was ‘Black Parade’ in 2020, so it was about time she gave us something new to obsess over. While there isn’t any album or lead single news yet for B7, she has delivered a new single for the King Richard Soundtrack, and we will take it. 

‘Be Alive’ is an anthem in its own right. Written after she watched a preview screening of the film, she felt like she needed to be apart of this inspirational retelling of Venus and Serena Williams’ careers, and their father Richard Williams. Tapping into the inspiration and raw energy she felt through watching the movie, she channels her own upbringing and the pride she feels through all the hard work, as well as her confidence within her identity. “It feels so good to be alive. Got all my sisters by my side. Couldn’t wipe this black off if I tried. That’s why I lift my hеad with pride” she proudly sings during the dominative hook. 

Opening with a very soulful vocal production, she leans into this heavily rhythmic beat that is reminiscent of her song ‘Freedom’ as well as ‘Five To One’ from The Doors which she has sampled in her live shows over the years. The production consistently stays in that lane throughout the entire duration, and is layered with the soulful vocal harmonies that provide a very ethereal mix. It’s a passionate and inspiring song that perfectly captures the essence of the film which will immediately make your playlists after watching it.