SINGLE REVIEW: Nick Ward – Princess 

Nick Ward is writing the music I wish I had when I was coming to terms with my sexuality and identity. Life as a teenager is confusing as it is, but when you add conflicting thoughts about sexuality and identity into the mix it is so easy to feel alone and that you don’t fit into society’s pre-conceived mould. Through the release of his debut EP ‘Everything I Wish I Told You’ earlier this year, the Sydney based singer-songwriter is helping give queer teenagers representation through these confusing and introspective moments. 

Returning with one of his sonically boldest and most lyrically tender releases yet, ‘Princess’ reflects on sexuality, identity, and gender. “19 years inside my body, and only now I’m glad it’s mine” he sings during the opening moments of the 4 minute pop track. Sifting through these introspective thoughts, he explores the complexities of coming to terms with all of these feelings while in a relationship and what that means in the role he needs to play. “I’ll be your princess. I’ll play the queen. I’ll be the one who dry’s your eyes when you’re so tired of everything” he honestly sings. 

Sonically layering these thoughts through an alt-pop soundscape, he pushes himself as a producer to represent the raw vulnerability of this song in an ethereal manner. Beginning with audio from childhood videos, he sings over simple guitar chords before intertwining beautiful strings. As the song builds, there is a moment of euphoric release as drums and big guitars explode in a similar cathartic manner to Billie Eilish’s ‘Happier Than Ever’. It gives the song a whole new perspective to these feelings and captures the euphoric emotions of finding who you truly are in this big and confusing world.