SINGLE REVIEW: Avril Lavigne – Bite Me 

If 2021 has taught us anything it is that Avril Lavigne’s impact on pop music is only really coming into fruition now. With a generation of artists stepping into the spotlight who grew up with Lavigne’s early naughties anthems like ‘Complicated’, ‘Sk8er Boi’ and ‘Girlfriend’, you can undeniably hear her influence in artists like renforshort, Olivia Rodrigo and Cate. So it only seems right that the Canadian queen makes her return to the sound that defined your angsty teen years.

‘Bite Me’ is an ultimate “fuck you” break-up track that screams the confidence that was missing on her previous album ‘Head Above Water’. Re-finding her voice, she unapologetically serves it like it is and lets her ex know that they are never getting back together, ever. “You shoulda known better better to fuck with someone like me. Forever and ever you’re going to wish I was your wifey” she sings during the infectiously angsty hook before proclaiming “Should’ve held on, should’ve treated me right. I gave you one chance, you don’t get it twice”. 

Following her signing to Travis Barker’s label DTA Records, she has returned to her pop-rock roots and given a 2021 spin on her classic sonic. With heavy guitars and drums, she doesn’t hold back and you can definitely hear recent Machine Gun Kelly inspiring the way she is reinterpreting her original sound. 

As someone who’s love affair with music began when the first ever album he bought was ‘Let Go’ on cassette in 2002, this is such an exciting listen from start to finish as it truly feels like a full circle moment in Avril Lavigne’s journey.