Get To Know Approachable Members Of Your Local Community 

Approachable Members Of Your Local Community have a whole new look and sound to introduce to the world with the addition of Sage Mellet to the group. ‘Strong Enough’ was an exciting reinterpretation of the bands pulsating dynamic with a punchy pop hook immediately getting stuck in your head. With Mellet’s vocals intertwining perfectly with co-lead singer Josh Blashki, they highlighted the new directional palette that this project will steer towards. 

New single ‘Just Say It’ is the first taste of Sage Mellet on solo lead vocals, and she holds strong through this infectious summer anthem. Serving some NEIKED, HAIM and Fickle Friends vibes, there is a carefree attitude that pulsates through the production that is then contrasted by some introspective lyrics. Reflecting on the overthinking that can happen when there is breakdown of communication in a relationship, it’s important to lay it all out on the line and get on the same page. “You’re on my mind, even though you think I don’t care. And I’m on your mind, even though I can’t see it there” she sings during the opening moments of the song. 

To celebrate the release of ‘Just Say It’ we thought we’d let you get to know each member of Approachable Members Of Your Local Community a little better with some little dating profile esq facts. Check it out BELOW;

Sage Mellet

Name: Sage               

Nickname: Suggy

Role: Angelic singing

Favourite Colour: Pastel Green

Favourite Food: Vodka pasta 

Hidden Talent: Sage has a birthmark in the shape of a stick figure. Go figure. 

Favourite Song: ‘Stuck In A Bubble’ – George Alice

Josh Blashki

Name: Josh                

Nickname: J-Banga

Role: Playing the string instrument known as guitar and offering a unique perspective on vocals

Favourite Colour: Blue 

Favourite Food: 2-minute noodles 

Hidden Talent: Emotionally connecting with elderly people 

Favourite Song: ‘Tallwhip’ – Men I Trust

Micky Fisher

Name: Micky  

Nickname: Mike

Role: Makes low tonal frequencies, writes emails

Favourite Colour: The colour of my friend Jett’s face when he smiles 

Favourite Food: Porridge

Hidden Talent: Stress

Favourite Song: ‘3AM’ – HAIM

Max Korman    

Nickname: Mac-daddy

Role: Magic finger-moving on the piano keys & all things logistical 

Favourite Colour: Orange

Favourite Food: Falafel

Hidden Talent: Max remembers the name of everyone he meets. It’s distressing.

Favourite Song: ‘Dirty Work’ – Steely Dan

Sam Korman

Name: Sam                

Nickname: Shmuel

Role: Hitting drums and producing hits

Favourite Colour: Green

Favourite Food: Gnocchi (preferably a full 500g pack)

Hidden Talent: Completing seasons of TV exceptionally quickly

Favourite Song: ‘Famous’ – Parcels

‘Just Say It’ is out now!