SINGLE REVIEW: Urban Cone – Body Conversation 

Swedish indie-pop favourites Urban Cone have re-emerged from hiatus in 2021 with a new creative lease, and they’re excited to share it with the world. Their returning single ‘Never Enough’ was a celebratory love song that gave you a giant punch of euphoria throughout the entire 3 minute duration. And now they’re backing it up with the slinky ‘Body Conversation’.

Falling in love with someone is terrifying, there is no denying that. And everyone deals with accepting and expressing those emotions in different ways. Finding the words to say it aloud for the first time can be extremely difficult, and sometimes you can find yourself wishing you could say it through your body language instead as that can seem less scary. So that is exactly what Urban Cone explore on this groovy little indie-pop moment. “Sitting here with you in a dive bar. Thinking what to stay all the time but it’s so hard. So hard to be cool when you’re looking the way you do” they sing in the opening moments before later confessing; “I’m tryin’ to tell you how I feel for you, feel for you. That my feelings they are real for you, real for you. So, let me tell you how I feel for you, feel for you, in a body conversation”.

Stepping back into their old sound, this track feels like a bridge between ‘Our Youth’ and ‘Polaroid Memories’ with a fresh perspective then highlighted through their songwriting. There’s a natural groove to the production that keeps it at this slinky tone, instead of going into the powerhouse euphoria and anthemic nature of a track like ‘Never Enough’. It’s a strong indication of where this new chapter is heading towards, and welcomes them back into our lives with open arms.