SINGLE REVIEW: Slayyyter feat. Big Freedia – Stupid Boy 

Following the release of her debut album ‘Troubled Paradise’ earlier this year, Slayyyter has returned to let you know that you’re just a stupid boy. Her infectious and bouncy new single ‘Stupid Boy’ is a riotous affair with the queen of bounce, Big Freedia. 

The beat is immediately reminiscent of ‘Where’s Your Head At’ with its similar early 2000’s refrain ringing. It’s a song that you can already imagine playing at every gay club with its bouncy production and infectious hook just wanting to have you scream along to it at the top of your lungs. 

Lyrically it celebrates asserting your confidence by putting a boy in their place when they think they have a control over you. ”Stupid boy, let’s keep it clear. That I decide when you come here” she sassily and confidently quips. Big Freedia then jumps on the track and doesn’t hold back with the strong opening line “Stupid boy, Get off my nuts. You talk a big game, I’ll call your bluff”. The fact this collaboration has taken so long to come into fruition is a crime in itself, and hopefully these two artists don’t hold back from joining forces again soon. 

The high energy of the production and confident lyrics is then complimented by the playful and strong visuals inspired by the WWE Divas. From the very first listen you will be taken into this chaotic soundscape of euphoria and freedom. The whole song is about confidence and letting go, and you will find yourself automatically doing that throughout the songs duration.