It’s so easy to feel like a liability. Or maybe it’s just easier for me to feel like that as I’m a Pisces and convinced that everyone is going to abandon me. But what I’m trying to say is that it’s normal to feel like you’re too much, and that you push people away because of your needy attachment levels. It’s something that isn’t talked about enough in media, so you can feel quite alone in these thoughts. But Peach PRC is changing that dialogue with a song that makes sure you know you aren’t alone.

‘Heavy’ is the Sydney based singer-songwriter’s best work to date. Not only is it emotionally tender, but it’s also so angelically produced that it has this ethereal undertone. Beginning with stripped back piano chords, she builds the production with atmospheric pop beats that slowly build throughout the song’s duration. 

Lyrically she owns the sentiment of feeling like she’s too much for a romantic interest with them leaving once it gets “too much”. It’s a very vulnerable and introspective confession that feels like it’s been ripped straight out from the pages of her diary. “I’ll be around, if you decide. I’m hard to love, there’s no denying. If you’ve had enough, thanks for trying” she sings before she admits “It’s all I’ve been told, I’m heavy to hold”. However the song also contains one of my favourite lyrics of 2021 with the metaphorical; “They say they won’t run away. ‘Fix You’ is only pretty when it’s sung by Coldplay”. When I tell you my heart skipped a beat when I heard that lyric, I mean it. And before the final chorus she even interpolates similar synthesiser from ‘Fix You’ which is a cool little easter egg to listen out for. 

‘Heavy’ is a very special song, and I hope if you feel alone with similar feelings that you discover this song and feel a warmth of comfort.