SINGLE REVIEW: Hayden James feat. Yaeger – Waiting For Nothing 

There’s nothing better than dancing while all in your feelings. I call it dancing with contempt. You know that you’re sad but you also know you will feel better soon, so all there is to do is dance the tears away and try live in the moment. Sydney based producer and verified hitmaker Hayden James has teamed up with Swedish singer-songwriter Yaeger for an emotively charged boogie. 

‘Waiting For Nothing’ is a track that is all about being in a relationship where you know the expiration has passed. You know you’re just wasting your time but you’re stuck in a continuous loop of being comfortable within the situation. You know you should leave, but making that next step is so difficult to do. “I could be waiting for nothing with you. You’re killing me but it’s so good. If I could leave, baby, I would” she sings before confessing “A moment of you in my arms is enough to keep me in this loop”. 

The emotive vocal delivery and heartfelt lyricism is contrasted with Hayden James’ signature electronic pop production. With his live show in mind, there is this anthemic element that feels so freeing when you listen to it. You can imagine the pure serotonin it will give on a dance floor or in a mosh pit when you’re going through the motions of life and need an instant pick me up. It’s very relatable while also being euphorically infectious.