Asserting a bold confidence, CXLOE has returned with another future-hit for you to sing into a mirror while you get ready for a night out. 

‘New Trick is a song that was born out of the ultimate collaboration with Xavier Dunn, Jess Kent, Charley, Rory Adams and Georgia Denton. It’s all about embracing a new lease of confidence as you decide that your happiness comes first before anything else. Taking control of a situation that she didn’t feel so on-top of previously, she inserts her dominance and playfully teases this new and important version of her. “I got a new trick, why’d it take all this time? I think you’re gonna hate it. Sorry but I’m getting mine” she unapologetically sings. 

The production is cemented in the dark and brooding synth world she’s dreamt up over time and cohesively follows in the footsteps of recent single ‘Close’. It oozes this immediate confidence that also compliments the important lyrical discovery. It has a very underground club aesthetic that’s equally mysterious and sexy, and will have you feeling your absolute fantasy while listening.