SINGLE REVIEW: Conan Gray – Telepath

Conan Gray is steering towards the release of his forthcoming sophomore album with some of his strongest and most envisioned material yet. His new single ‘Telepath’ is a masterclass in a future-pop anthem. From the honest and satirical inclined lyrics to the pulsating synth-wave production, he’s nailed a track that oozes confidence within who he wants to be as an artist. 

Teaming up with Caroline Ailin, Ilya and ‘People Watching’ collaborator Julia Michaels, he’s honed in on a very literal and honest style of songwriting. Detailing a series of break-ups within the same relationship, he expresses how unimpressed he is with them continually changing their mind and breaking up with him to only crawl back and ask for another chance. “You’ll see me moving on and hate that I’m gone. I can see it, you’re coming back. Call me a telepath” he honestly song during the pulsating hook. But the line that will leave you simultaneously giggling and rolling your eyes while thinking about someone in particular is; “You’ll be sending me trash you shoulda left in the drafts”. 2021 writing gold! 

The synth led production comes straight out of the gate with a buzzing production style with a funky guitar and drum riff carrying this dominative energy. The chorus further explores the nostalgic elements that add this unique grooviness that will have you wanting to press replay over and over again.