SINGLE REVIEW: Weston Estate – Stoked

They’ve self-proclaimed themselves as “ya Aunty’s favourite boy band” which might be true, but Weston Estate could also be your new favourite boy band. The North Carolina 5 piece have had a wild and rapid trajectory since their live debut in 2018. With over 35 million streams and a major label deal with Arista Records, they’ve already shown so much promise as to why they’re a name you need to know. And their new single ‘Stoked’ is another confirmation to that statement. 

Soaked in a 70s aesthetic, the playful song pulsates through this natural groove that has quite a significant contrast to their previously more moody leaning singles ‘Pears’ and ‘Cotton Candy’. Keeping the energy high, the verses are driven by a kick drum which keeps those BPM’s moving and injects a steady rhythm along with groovy live guitars. There is even a bit of an Outkast influence that shines through the vocal flow intertwined with the naturally high production style. 

Lyrically this song stays in the upbeat aesthetic with a homage to the passion and intense feelings that pop up when you fall in love with someone. “Rest in peace to me, I fell in so deep. I’m in so deep” they admit during the slinky hook.

‘Stoked’ is a great introduction track to a wider audience for Weston Estate. With its playful sonic they give you sunny afternoon vibes that radiate a level of positivity we all need in our lives.