SINGLE REVIEW: Luca George – Somebody New 

Following the release of his pulsating debut single ‘Lonely Tonight’, Luca George is making a defining effort in guaranteeing you take notice of his ear-worm pop hooks. The New Zealand newcomer has returned with ‘Somebody New’ which immediately transports you into this bouncy and nostalgic soundscape. 

Cinematically scored, the track opens with a flurry of strings before drifting into a pulsating pop beat that evolves into this big production. Reminiscent of Conan Gray and Thomston, he really finds his voice as an artist within this experimentally charged coming-of-age pop canvas. Incorporating little sounds and samples like a school bell, fizzing synths, layered vocals, and even possibly an xylophone, he truly wants to make sure he puts his own stamp on that way he sonically envisions his journey.  

Lyrically he explores the toxicity that ruins a strong relationship you have with someone. They may be perfect in all of these different ways, but they still end up hurting you. So all we can hope for is someone new that makes us feel the same way, minus the toxic traits that continue to hurt. “I want somebody who, who, who, can love me like you do. But I want somebody new” he playfully but honestly sings. 

What Luca George has done with ‘Somebody New’ is totally mastered pop individuality. With obvious references at the foundations, he’s then layered the production and vocal delivery with a unique vision of who he wants to be as an artist which genuinely creates such an exciting listen.