SINGLE REVIEW: Cate – Moments 

One of the biggest adult realisations we have in our lives is that relationships aren’t linear. We are raised with this very black and white idea of what a relationship is, and no one really prepares you for what dating is actually like. Sometimes we go through “situationship’s” with someone where you’re not really dating, but you are the same time. It’s confusing, messy, and often ends in heartbreak. But we are left with amazing moments that we need to learn to embrace in a positive light. 

Capturing that sentiment in song form, Canadian raised and now UK based singer-songwriter Cate has created an anthem for looking back at a situationship for what it was. Poignantly titled ‘Moments’, she smiles and laughs at the moments they spent in his car, and gets emotional over the fact that he’s moved on with someone new. But it’s okay as it run its course, and now she has this song that is going to comfort so many people who find themselves in a similar situation. “I had him for a moment, and then I didn’t. I wasn’t what he wanted anyways. Don’t got a name for it” she honestly sings before proudly proclaiming “And I don’t know what to call it, but at least I got moments”. 

Sonically sitting in a similar vein to recent singles ‘Groupie’ and ‘Stupid’, she keeps it striped back with an acoustic guitar and pop production mix that is reminiscent of early Taylor Swift. Allowing the emotional but content lyrics and her honest vocal delivery to be the centre-piece, this song feels like an intimate moment of solitary with everyone who has ever gone through a similar situation. 

‘Moments’ is another future smash-hit for Cate, and reiterates why she has been one of my top “must watch acts” for the past 12 months.