SINGLE REVIEW: BENEE – Doesn’t Matter 

Last year BENEE unveiled her stunning debut album ‘Hey u x’ which certified her as one of the worlds most exciting and unique breakthrough acts. Taking some time for herself during the turbulent uncertainties that have plagued the worlds touring circuit, the New Zealand singer-songwriter found herself in a deep introspection. 

Her new single ‘Doesn’t Matter’ is an exploration of the importance of that time for her. Being able to address and create boundaries surrounding her anxiety and depression, she was diagnosed with OCD which allowed her to really understand herself on a deeper level. It’s all about being self-aware but also acknowledging that it’s okay to feel this way and to create an open dialogue with the people around you to either vent or seek for guidance and assistance. But the song also taps into the mindset that some people have on the outside looking in that the panicked thoughts we have “don’t matter” and we just need to stop feeling that way. And it’s something that is easier said than done, because we are aware of that logic, but for some reason it just does’t compute internally. “Maybe I’m consumed by my mental. Does it hurt me? Maybe, oh well. If I medicate would it help me? Cause I’m hurting, I feel unwell” she honestly sings. 

Complimenting the delicate honesty of the song, she’s penned an intimate production that is light, warm and soft. The breezy guitar chords are intertwined with a simple drum loop while her dreamy vocal delivery is glazed over the top. It’s a song that is all about honesty, and she truly allows the songwriting to hold its weight instead of going down the quirky and experimental pop route of something like ‘Snail’ or ‘Supalonely’.