SINGLE REVIEW: Bri Clark – Porcelain 

Bri Clark is a name that behind the scenes has been creating a lot of buzz, and rightfully so. The Perth based singer-songwriter has been boldly honing her songwriting craft through working with artists like Vera Blue, Dami Im, AYA YVES and notably Sarah Saint James on her viral TikTok hit ‘Mad At God’. Stepping into the spotlight, she has dropped her highly anticipated new single ‘Porcelain’ which lays the brooding foundations for an exciting new chapter in her musical journey. 

Opening with distorted vocals and glitchy synths that are then intertwined with brooding piano chords, she builds this cinematically inclined vision that immediately captivates the listener. It has this very distinct contrast between experimentally rough and melodically smooth that echoes early Vera Blue material. The dark undertones are what draws you in, but it’s Bri’s dreamy vocals that holds you there in the moment with her. 

Exploring the circling theme of denial, she intimately tells the story of realising she’s alone and missing someone who isn’t beside her anymore. Set at the anxiety hour of 5am, it’s a very relatable introspection of thoughts that keep you awake at night. “‘oh my god can’t stop myself shaking, don’t get too close my ribs could cave in” she softly sings before soaring into the chorus. 

‘Porcelain’ is a great introduction to who Bri Clark is as an artist away from just an incredible songwriter and collaborator. It defines the bold direction she wants to head in, and the honest and visually charged stories she wants to tell from a personal vantage point.