SINGLE REVIEW: Swedish House Mafia feat. The Weeknd – Moth To A Flame 

Earlier this year Swedish House Mafia excitingly returned to music after a 9 year hiatus. With their highly anticipated third studio album ‘Paradise Forever’ slated for an early 2022 release, they’ve been dropping singles left, right and centre to get you even more excited than you already are. Their newest single ‘Moth To A Flame’ hears them teaming up with The Weeknd with a hook that seems destined to top the charts and dominate radio.

Echoing a shiny production that is reminiscent of The Weeknd’s recent material, it oozes this very fresh perspective. Beginning with a dark layering of synths, they fuse electro-pop and RNB elements together with some disco influences later injected into the soundscape to provide some important contrasting.

Echoing that initial described darkness, The Weeknd explores seeing someone who is already partnered. Shrouded in secrecy and mystery, the song grows within the intimacy. “But does he know you call me when he sleeps? But does he know the pictures that you keep? But does he know the reasons that you cry? Or tell me, does he know where your heart lies? Where it truly lies” he sings during the slinky hook. 

It doesn’t necessarily sound like a Swedish House Mafia track, but it’s a banger no doubt. It’s more-so in The Weeknd’s lane with his current sonical exploration, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.