SINGLE REVIEW: Montaigne – Now (In Space)

Following in the footsteps of her incredible Eurovision entry ‘Technicolour’, Montaigne is officially opening a new chapter with an equally theatrical and experimental new single. ‘Now (In Space)’ is the singer-songwriter’s first track lifted from her forthcoming third studio album, and it perfectly sets the tone with bold imagery and a euphoric laden hook. 

Capturing the romantic hope she’s found within her current relationship of 2 years, she oozes this earnest honesty and giddy energy that warms your heart even if you aren’t currently in love. “I love you too much, It’ll never be enough. I wake up in the morning yearning for your love. Oh, I’m obsessed with the rush, baby, you’re my favourite and you’ll always be my crush” she sings during the bubbly hook. Tapping into a euphoric energy, the song is immediately infectious and injects this serve of serotonin that we’re all currently starved from.

Heavily inspired by hyperpop, Montaigne steers the sonical direction into this bubbly and theatrical soundscape that was originally inspired by a concept album she was initially writing. It feels like the organic continuation of her sonic following the evolution between songs like ‘Losing My Mind’ and ‘Technicolour’. It’s bright, bold and exciting as she layers together big synths and beats with faux strings and dreamy harmonies. 

Montaigne recently took to Twitter to reveal that she’s excited to start this new chapter by just releasing music that she was excited about instead of worrying about radio and charts. ‘Now (In Space)’ is the first serving of this redefined sound, and she’s honestly hit it straight out of the park. It’s a track that continually grows on you with its strong ear-worm hook that feels so playful and hopeful.